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Colors of the Cross

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Celebrate Easter with me as we imagine what may have been going through the disciples’ minds. Everything seems to be going smoothly. We followed Jesus for three years. We walked with Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey, and He was praised and honored with palm branches. All was… Continue reading Colors of the Cross

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Blessings of Forgiveness

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! For the next several weeks until Easter, we are highlighting a character from the Easter story and connecting them to our life. Before Jesus was arrested, he was betrayed by two of His disciples, ones who had followed Him for three years listening to His teaching and watching the way… Continue reading Blessings of Forgiveness

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Responding to Betrayal

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! For the next several weeks, we are choosing a character from the Easter story and connecting them to our life. On Faith Connections Friday, we highlight the biblical character. Enjoy! Luke did an amazing job at his company. He was a dedicated worker and took initiative on projects. Shortly after his contributions… Continue reading Responding to Betrayal

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Different Method, Same Outcome

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! It is a joy having you today! For the next several weeks until Easter, we will take a character from the Easter story and connect them to our situations. On Faith Connections Friday, the biblical character will be highlighted. Ferris has been with the company for years and is highly respected in… Continue reading Different Method, Same Outcome

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Seize the Day!

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Have an extraordinary day! When I was growing up, my mother would wake us up with her melodious singing. “Good morning! Time to rise and shine! Wake up!” (Don’t you love it when someone does that for you?—Not!) Of course, we would roll over, pull the covers over our heads, and try… Continue reading Seize the Day!

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The Perfect Dance

Thank you for anxiously awaiting the posting of this blog! I am sure you were counting the hours to find out the outcome of the wedding of the century! The ceremony beyond gorgeous. The ministers (one of which was Dad) eloquent. The bride stunning and beautiful, and the groom dashing and handsome. There was laughter,… Continue reading The Perfect Dance

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Our Nation’s Connection

July 4, 1776: The birth of the United States as a nation. This date is important because of the vision of our forefathers. They fought for many freedoms for their families and future generations that occupy this nation, and they continue to connect their lives to ours. One way they continue to impact lives is… Continue reading Our Nation’s Connection