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Our Nation’s Connection

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July 4, 1776: The birth of the United States as a nation. This date is important because of the vision of our forefathers. They fought for many freedoms for their families and future generations that occupy this nation, and they continue to connect their lives to ours.

One way they continue to impact lives is through the historical sites that remain. We are privileged to visit these places and have multiple opportunities to learn about their lives, their families, their lifestyles, and their dreams. Though conditions have changed throughout the past two hundred years, we honor their legacy.

Interestingly, Dallas Baptist University has chosen to design its campus in the style of Colonial architecture after significant sites to keep America’s heritage strong. Since we celebrate the birth of the United States this month, I found it fitting to recognize a few of these locations and their connections to present day.

Two of the buildings represented are Independence Hall and Congress Hall, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence was finalized, and the Constitution of the United States was signed. Congress Hall was once used as the nation’s capitol.

Thomas Jefferson was our nation’s third president and the founder of the University of Virginia. One of the buildings is portrayed after his home, Monticello; and another building is patterned after Pavilion VII at the University of Virginia.

The oldest educational institutions in America are also represented: Harvard University and the College of William and Mary. The campus highlights the Harvard Hall III and the Wren Building, respectively.

These sites and their builders are connections to excellence that impact us by their history and their vision. While it may be interesting to note the places, more importantly, the people … the builders .. of our nation are the primary connection. Many of our forefathers had expertise as lawyers, physicians, educators, and merchants. They made their best decisions pertaining to governance, education, and freedoms for the people. We witness their legacy by their sacrifice and commitment. Our role is educating our families and others as to the intent of our forefathers due to the freedoms we have today.

Today, we celebrate the birth of this nation with deep gratitude.

Our Connections2Excellence: Research one of the sites mentioned. Find an interesting fact about the founders or builders that encourages you. Share your findings with family or friends.

More information on these sites can be located here: Dallas Baptist University, College of William and Mary, Monticello. Information on Philadelphia can be found here and here.

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