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Obstacles and Opportunities

Things constantly change. Workplaces change leadership. Businesses change policies. People change jobs. Responsibilities shift. Families increase or decrease in size. A doctor’s report changes your lifestyle. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you are in a situation filled with unknowns. It is certainly easy to become distracted in the midst of these times. It seems overwhelming.… Continue reading Obstacles and Opportunities

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Preparing in the Waiting

There are two periods in my life in which I recall transitioning to a new season. One was a move from Virginia to Texas. I had to leave friends that I consider family and a job I dearly loved. Another was when my manager resigned, and I had to be creative with my time and… Continue reading Preparing in the Waiting

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Look for the Masterpiece

Have you ever noticed the variety of colors combined to form a thing of beauty? A rainbow, a stained glass window, a bouquet, a garden of spring flowers, the mountains in the fall, a sunrise, a sunset, a mixed fruit salad, even a roll of life savers. My mother had a collection of stained glass.… Continue reading Look for the Masterpiece

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Focused Faith

Before the invention of typewriters, computers, and copiers, people transcribed writings by hand. In biblical times, scribes were the individuals who carefully copied the Scriptures so people could have a copy. The scribes were so diligent that they counted the symbols of their language to ensure what they copied matched the original. They were not… Continue reading Focused Faith

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Our Nation’s Connection

July 4, 1776: The birth of the United States as a nation. This date is important because of the vision of our forefathers. They fought for many freedoms for their families and future generations that occupy this nation, and they continue to connect their lives to ours. One way they continue to impact lives is… Continue reading Our Nation’s Connection

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Excellence is a Process

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! We continue our series on connecting bridges to the pursuit of excellence. Thank you for joining! As we look at bridges, we notice their unique design. Bridges are quite individual to their area and purpose. Some may be seen as chaotic or serene. Yet, their purpose remains the same: the pursuit of… Continue reading Excellence is a Process

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Greater Dreams

Our dreams. Some are still dreams. Some dreams may have been fulfilled. Some dreams may have even changed. Sometimes those dreams have become even better than we could have imagined. How does the aspect of dreams and bridges connect to our faith? Before I started my career, I read a book that connected my passion… Continue reading Greater Dreams

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Bridges of Dreams

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! We are in a series of bridges and how they connect to a pursuit of excellence. Thank you for joining! Source: Personal - Valley Railroad Stone BridgeThe bridge featured this week is the Valley Railroad Stone Bridge in Augusta County, Virginia. The bridge was built in 1884 during a time of financial… Continue reading Bridges of Dreams

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Bridges to Faith

Happy birthday, Connections2Excellence! It has been one year since the birth of this blog. I have been amazed at the activity and comments—Thank you so very much. This week we began a mini-series on connecting bridges to excellence. On Faith Connection Friday, we extend this concept as we connect to our faith. What do you… Continue reading Bridges to Faith

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Setting Our Face

Thank you for joining us today! Welcome--it's Faith Connections Friday! Is there a vision or a purpose you are eagerly awaiting to achieve? Attending an event? Giving a special gift? Meeting a goal? We are eagerly approaching Easter. The festivities surrounding this holiday come with activities for families to enjoy outdoors, new clothing, and lots… Continue reading Setting Our Face