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Excellence is a Process

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! We continue our series on connecting bridges to the pursuit of excellence. Thank you for joining!

As we look at bridges, we notice their unique design. Bridges are quite individual to their area and purpose. Some may be seen as chaotic or serene. Yet, their purpose remains the same: the pursuit of excellence. This pursuit, however, is ongoing. It is not an overnight occurrence. It takes time. Excellence is a process. You may be thinking, How in the world could we possibly connect chaos and serenity to excellence? Well, let’s take a look and see what we can find.

First, look at the infamous Dallas mixmaster. Its appearance is immediately intimidating. Chaotic and confusing. Not just one bridge but many bridges, one on top of another. Due to the incredible growth of the Dallas metroplex, a complex highway system was imminent. This central point makes the travels of thousands easier to get to their destination. Though it took years to complete, its maintenance continues. The ongoing pursuit of excellence.


Another featured bridge is the Golden Bridge in Vietnam, which opened in June 2018. Though the bridge is new, its design features a pair of aged hands holding the bridge. The designer and government chose this design to encourage tourism. It is located near a resort, and tourists enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and mountainous region. This connection to excellence is an opportunity to reach the world by offering hands that raise people to see beauty. Through years of hard work and vision, there is a construction of beauty and an ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Source: smashpop

How does this relate to us today? Excellence is a process that is challenging and difficult at times. For example, the values of your organization cannot automatically be exemplified to the intensity desired by its representatives. It takes time for leaders to effectively demonstrate the values so others can take personal ownership of the values. Eventually, the organization becomes one that embodies the values they portray to the world. This can also apply to your personal values. Excellence cannot be mastered overnight, it takes time and focused dedication.

Our Connections Challenge: Review your organization’s values or your own values. If any are particularly challenging, identify ways in which you may strengthen your dedication to that value. Over time, that value will be reflected in your life to impact others.

For more information about the Golden Bridge, see Golden Bridge.

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