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Excellence is a Process

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! We continue our series on connecting bridges to the pursuit of excellence. Thank you for joining! As we look at bridges, we notice their unique design. Bridges are quite individual to their area and purpose. Some may be seen as chaotic or serene. Yet, their purpose remains the same: the pursuit of… Continue reading Excellence is a Process

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Faith Markers

We recently relocated to a new area where there are a lot of historical markers. (And, yes, I stop and read the information at each one, so it will take a while for me to see and appreciate them all.) Why are these markers highlighted? What is the significance of each one that makes them… Continue reading Faith Markers

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The Impact of Unexpected Connections

Welcome to Connections2Excellence where we connect life to a pursuit of excellence! Thank you so much for connecting! Recently, I was greatly encouraged to witness a true commitment to excellence in action. It was so amazing and touching, I wanted to share it with you. On my way to deliver some paperwork, I had a… Continue reading The Impact of Unexpected Connections

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The Puzzle Pieces of Life

Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles?  There is something about putting puzzles together.  It allows you to think sometimes for long periods of time.  And if done with another person, it gives you an opportunity to spend time together.  I love puzzles.  Not just the little, easy ones—I want a challenge.  Give me the big ones… Continue reading The Puzzle Pieces of Life