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The Impact of Unexpected Connections

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Recently, I was greatly encouraged to witness a true commitment to excellence in action. It was so amazing and touching, I wanted to share it with you.

On my way to deliver some paperwork, I had a flat tire just feet from where I needed to go. Thankfully (and later did I discover, surprisingly), there was a parking spot available in this very busy area. Since the campus police department was located next to the department I needed to visit, I promptly went in to explain my dilemma. The event was out of my control, and the staff was quite understanding and patient as I awaited the tow truck.

A couple of hours later, we arrived the local service establishment. The customer service was immediately exceptional. They played uplifting music and offered refreshments for patrons as they awaited their vehicle. The manager and associate were both personal as they displayed their interest in what brought our business to them. After we finalized business matters, my husband left for an appointment, and I remained until the vehicle was ready.

As I sat in the waiting area, a couple entered and waited for their vehicle. After a few minutes, the manager approached the couple to make conversation and to discover what brought them to the location and purpose for business. The lady explained she was heading out of town for her mother’s funeral. Her parents were involved in a car accident, which resulted in the loss of her mother; and her father faced extensive rehab. She also experienced other personal issues as a result of her loss and the situation. The manager asked her name and indicated he would pray for her.

What connections2excellence can you identify from these events?

The businesses recognized the unexpected stresses of life and displayed excellence with professionalism, patience, and understanding. The manager went above and beyond by making a personal connection with customers. The atmosphere provided encouraging and relaxing music and physical nourishment.

Our Connections Challenge: All of us experience unexpected events that are out of our control and not at the best of times. Identify unplanned stresses for your business colleagues and for your personal life. What steps can you take to ease these stresses? How can you display compassion, patience, and understanding for unexpected events for others? Offer encouragement and hope for those we encounter. Take the time to make a personal connection; it will make an impact that you may not realize.

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