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Time of Resolution

Okay, so it’s a new year. Many people choose to make resolutions to help them focus and achieve goals. What are some of your resolutions? Are any of these resolutions brand new and not re-resolutions? Here are some ideas and article links for developing resolutions. Health - eating healthy, weight loss, sleep, physical/mental health Commute… Continue reading Time of Resolution

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When You Dream, Dream Big

Dreams. Visions. High ambitions. These things can bring excitement and can also seem overwhelming at the same time. I am listening to Bob Goff’s Dream Big. It has really challenged me. For some time, I feel like I’ve been in a funk. Can’t seem to get out of it. You know what I mean? Not… Continue reading When You Dream, Dream Big

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Preparing in the Waiting

There are two periods in my life in which I recall transitioning to a new season. One was a move from Virginia to Texas. I had to leave friends that I consider family and a job I dearly loved. Another was when my manager resigned, and I had to be creative with my time and… Continue reading Preparing in the Waiting

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Different Method, Same Outcome

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! It is a joy having you today! For the next several weeks until Easter, we will take a character from the Easter story and connect them to our situations. On Faith Connections Friday, the biblical character will be highlighted. Ferris has been with the company for years and is highly respected in… Continue reading Different Method, Same Outcome

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Focused Time

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! I appreciate you so much and thank you for connecting today! This past week was amazing! I started back to school—again. When school starts, I get so excited about learning something new. (Actually, I am like a child eager for the first day of school.) Image: WordPress The discipline of taking classes… Continue reading Focused Time

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Living for Each Today

Writing (for me) in any form is therapy. I love journaling because I don’t have to care about correct grammar, punctuation, or making any sense whatsoever. It’s simply personal random thoughts, however they come into my silly little brain. Journaling has been an enjoyable, therapeutic habit for decades (though entries over the past few years… Continue reading Living for Each Today

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Flourishing in the New Year

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Happy New Year 2020! My prayer for you is that this year is full of blessings. It is inevitable that change will come this year. As we evaluate 2019, we may choose to make resolutions for 2020 we hope will change our lives for the better. A passage of Scripture… Continue reading Flourishing in the New Year

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An Example to Follow

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you so much for joining us! Many organizations utilize programs focusing on mentoring or coaching. Seasoned professionals spend months or years guiding and developing their protégés to be great leaders. Together, they share life experiences, dreams, and goals. Together, they progress the path while reaching markers and providing encouragement… Continue reading An Example to Follow

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The Goal of Partnership

The fall season is a time of year that many focus on giving and serving members of our communities in need. It is a time when individuals, teams, and organizations join together in partnership. Basically, forming and building relationships of parties to achieve a common goal. We notice the success and bond of the partnership… Continue reading The Goal of Partnership