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Draining Distractions

He’s charming, intriguing, hypnotizing. He’s sophisticated, a gentleman, and speaks in a way that is alluring.

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Yet, he only comes out at night, in the darkness. The mysterious Count Dracula may transform himself into a bat or a wolf. He fears the sun, garlic, and the cross. And he cannot be seen in a mirror.

Those who succumb to his wiles cannot see him for who he really is. He deceives and flatters only to get something he wants. He becomes a distraction and literally sucks and drains the life out of his victims.

Source: imdb

How can we avoid falling prey to such a character? How do we safeguard ourselves against them?

We can easily become distracted by others. These distractions can detour our path to a goal. They can come subtly and even in the form of doing good.

One way for us to avoid distractions is knowing our purpose, our goal. We stand strong and secure in our faith. With that, we find it easier to focus on our purpose and not the distractions.

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Our Connections Challenge: Do you find it challenging to focus on your goals? Are there distractions draining you? Identify your goals, and determine to stand firm.

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