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Different Method, Same Outcome

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! It is a joy having you today! For the next several weeks until Easter, we will take a character from the Easter story and connect them to our situations. On Faith Connections Friday, the biblical character will be highlighted.

Ferris has been with the company for years and is highly respected in his field. A new employee, Justin, presents ideas to improve efficiencies. Ferris is impressed with Justin’s proposals and asks him to make a presentation at the next department meeting. The team decides to implement the changes, which produces the same results with more accuracy and timeliness. A different method to achieve the same outcome.

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Does this scenario sound familiar? Someone on your team presents a different perspective that could potentially improve the outcome.

Each of us is uniquely gifted and can make contributions to our teams. We possess various backgrounds and experiences. Our methods may be different in achieving the same result.

Our Connections Challenge: Spend time getting to know the members of your team and their backgrounds. Encourage them as they make contributions to the team. While their methods may be different, the team can become united to achieve the goal.

2 thoughts on “Different Method, Same Outcome”

  1. I needed to see this today! This message was right on time for me. Isn’t it amazing how God does that for us? Thank you so much, Lisa.

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