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Focused Time

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! I appreciate you so much and thank you for connecting today!

This past week was amazing! I started back to school—again. When school starts, I get so excited about learning something new. (Actually, I am like a child eager for the first day of school.)

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The discipline of taking classes helps me focus. It also gives me the confidence that I am improving my skills and knowledge while advancing toward fulfilling a goal.

One challenge with school is time management. With each class, I have to be diligent with balancing work, home, and other responsibilities with studies. Since the first week is now complete, I have a better idea of how to manage my time. It requires staying constantly focused and not allowing time wasters to distract me. Several of my classmates have much busier lives, and I admire their dedication and commitment to further their education.

The connection to excellence is identifying priorities, decreasing distractions, and finding ways to focus. Suggested ideas depend on the way we can be less distracted. For example, some best focus with noise or with complete silence. Even though I am predominantly the complete silence type, I find listening to soft instrumental music while I study actually helps me focus and even retain information. If quiet time is a challenge, try taking a brisk walk, gardening, or journaling as you watch the children play.

Our Connections Challenge: What causes you to lose focus? How do you best concentrate? What steps can you take to dedicated, focused time?

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