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Focused Faith

Before the invention of typewriters, computers, and copiers, people transcribed writings by hand. In biblical times, scribes were the individuals who carefully copied the Scriptures so people could have a copy. The scribes were so diligent that they counted the symbols of their language to ensure what they copied matched the original. They were not… Continue reading Focused Faith

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Focused Time

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! I appreciate you so much and thank you for connecting today! This past week was amazing! I started back to school—again. When school starts, I get so excited about learning something new. (Actually, I am like a child eager for the first day of school.) Image: WordPress The discipline of taking classes… Continue reading Focused Time

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Living for Each Today

Writing (for me) in any form is therapy. I love journaling because I don’t have to care about correct grammar, punctuation, or making any sense whatsoever. It’s simply personal random thoughts, however they come into my silly little brain. Journaling has been an enjoyable, therapeutic habit for decades (though entries over the past few years… Continue reading Living for Each Today

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Isn’t It All About Me?

Welcome to Connections2Excellence where we connect life to a pursuit of excellence. Thank you for joining today! It’s so easy to think of ourselves. I like to be bundled up, he likes the fan. I like warm, he likes cold. I like quiet, he likes noise. Isn’t his life supposed to center on me? Yeah,… Continue reading Isn’t It All About Me?

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Preparing for the End

Planning. Budgets. Meals. Activities. People. Practices. We can prepare for most life events. As we engage in the preparations, we become more confident with the success of the end result. Proverbs 16 is filled with principles that says man can make the best of plans, but every step is from the Lord. Even if our… Continue reading Preparing for the End

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Focused Discipline

We practice self-control. We exercise our bodies. We study. We work hard. We give our all to what we love. Self-control, also known as self-discipline, is a focused practice. It is a determined discipline of the mind, body, and spirit—all that we are. Examples of self-control include exercising, detoxing our bodies, and consuming healthy foods… Continue reading Focused Discipline

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An Attitude of Love

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! This week begins a series on desired qualities. Faith Connection Friday extends the concept and relates to faith. Thank you so much for visiting! Love. It’s warm and fuzzy. It’s babies and sweet cuddles. It’s first love. It’s passion. It’s heartache in time of loss. It’s releasing our children to start their… Continue reading An Attitude of Love

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A Growing Faith

We’ve examined many bridges and connected them uniquely to excellence and our faith. As we conclude this series, we identify what may be necessary to keep our bridges structurally sound and long lasting. These bridge connections include intercession, foundation and support, legacy, relationships, and using gifts in ministry. Over time, if intentional maintenance is not… Continue reading A Growing Faith

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Bridges and the Arts

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! We have been a series on connecting bridges to excellence. Today, let's consider other types of bridges instead of physical structures. The arts allow one to bridge to creativity and expression--creative arts, visual arts, and performing arts, among others. Creativity is demonstrated through pottery, ceramics, needlework, sculpting, painting, drawing, or woodworking. Unique… Continue reading Bridges and the Arts