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Excellence in Variety

Welcome to connections2excellence! We are in a series about bridges and how they connect to excellence! Have you ever studied about the varieties of bridges? There are mythological or religious bridges and physical bridges. They can be permanent or temporary. They are designed to sustain a large amount of weight or a lighter weight. They… Continue reading Excellence in Variety

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How Do You Prepare for Easter?

Welcome to connections2excellence! I am so glad you joined us today! How do you prepare for Easter? Do you have any special traditions to get ready for the day? Thousands of years ago, a multitude of families diligently prepared for an upcoming celebration, complete with special feasts and activities. The tradition of the Seder service… Continue reading How Do You Prepare for Easter?

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Setting Our Face

Thank you for joining us today! Welcome--it's Faith Connections Friday! Is there a vision or a purpose you are eagerly awaiting to achieve? Attending an event? Giving a special gift? Meeting a goal? We are eagerly approaching Easter. The festivities surrounding this holiday come with activities for families to enjoy outdoors, new clothing, and lots… Continue reading Setting Our Face

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Our Transformation

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday where we connect our life to faith. Change. The Bible gives a plethora of examples of changes from beginning to end. The changes the universe experienced at creation. The changes our ancestors experienced with life. The changes the world experienced while Jesus lived on earth. The changes we have experienced… Continue reading Our Transformation

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Our Longing for the Lord

Welcome back to Faith Connection Friday where we connect our lives to faith! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Photo: ChurchArtDelay. Desire. Eagerness to receive. Hope. Longing. Patience. Waiting . . . Yearning. Yearning is a deep emotion that is connected to hope. If the Lord wills, a promise or desire will be… Continue reading Our Longing for the Lord

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Yearning for the Day

Welcome back to Connections2Excellence where we connect the pursuit of excellence to life!! Thank you so much for joining. Image: ChurchArtDays of celebrations are surrounded by great anticipation. The preparations. The festivities. The gifts. Initially, much anticipation goes into preparing for the event. Time. Chores. Guest lists. Food. Displays. Cooking. Choosing the right gifts. The… Continue reading Yearning for the Day

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Do You See What I See?

Thank you for joining me for Faith Connections Friday where we connect our walk of life to faith. Our new home is in the country. Some mornings we look outside, and there is a fog so thick we can barely see across the way. As we drive a short distance through the fog, the fog… Continue reading Do You See What I See?

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Learn to Teach

Two of my favorite school teachers were Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Minter. They made an impression because they made a point to know me as a person. They discovered that we had things in common, and they encouraged and supported me. Several teachers at the vocational school I attended made an impression because of their… Continue reading Learn to Teach

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Unusual Strength

When we think of strength, we may naturally connect to the physical realm. The amount of weight one can lift. Competitors who give their all straight to the finish line. Those who work hard to build their bodies so they can win and be their best. We may also connect strength to our mind, will,… Continue reading Unusual Strength

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Faith Connection: Our Banner

When we think of banners, we may think of flags waving at football games or what beauty contestants wear at pageants. A movie may portray a scene with two armies in a valley or on the crest of hills and facing each other. Each army has a separate flag, or banner, with specific colors, emblems,… Continue reading Faith Connection: Our Banner