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Bridges and the Arts

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We have been a series on connecting bridges to excellence. Today, let’s consider other types of bridges instead of physical structures. The arts allow one to bridge to creativity and expression–creative arts, visual arts, and performing arts, among others.

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Creativity is demonstrated through pottery, ceramics, needlework, sculpting, painting, drawing, or woodworking. Unique giftedness is evident in drama, plays, and movies. Delight is exhibited by expressing in dance and music. Writing creatively is communicated through writing poems, novels, or even blogs from the heart. Cooking is enjoyed as one prepares unique dishes with a variety of flavors. Joy is manifested through gardening by those who use their gifted green thumbs by combining varieties of plants and flowers and understanding how to make things grow.

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The arts are also therapeutic, and many have benefited from music therapy or art therapy. It helps with focus, relieves anxiety and stress, and reduces depression.

Our Connections Challenge: What types of arts do you enjoy? Which arts produce a sense of calm? Of those listed above, identify one in which you could participate. For example, enjoy a play or symphony. Visit an art museum, and admire the creativity expressed. Enroll in a class. Enjoy!

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1 thought on “Bridges and the Arts”

  1. For me, the arts (and really all things which use creativity) are a way of connecting with God as the ultimate Creator. It’s in the act of creating and also in the act of giving. Thanks for continuing to inspire us!

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