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Bridging Arts to Ministry

Did you realize that you are creatively gifted, uniquely you? The gifts and talents you possess can be used for a purpose. Faith Connection Friday focuses on using the Faith Connection to excellence.

There are many avenues of ministry that involve creative gifts and talents. As we desire to share the Good News, we incorporate different methods to appeal to others. The gifts and talents that have been given to the Body of Christ, the church, can be bridged uniquely to show Christ to the world.

One avenue is that of the arts. For example, we use this method with children’s programs. Little ones draw, put together puzzles, and sing songs from Bible school. Adults may play in an orchestra or band, use their voices in a praise team, or play a dramatic role in a production.

In what other ways can we exhibit artful expression in ministry? The arts include creating, performing, writing, cooking, and gardening. They can be therapeutic and enjoyable. A church may consider an arts ministry and include interpretative dance or offering a painting class. The arts of sewing, cooking, or gardening can be used to minister delight to one who is homebound or ill and teach young adults new crafts.

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We notice the arts early in Scripture. When the tabernacle was being prepared in Exodus, skilled artisans were recruited to make the furnishings: articles, utensils, curtains, and priestly garments. They possessed the skill and talent necessary to follow a specific pattern and used their giftedness for the glory of God. Later in Scripture, we find David’s talent of playing the harp was used to soothe King Saul’s anxiety.

Our Faith Connection Challenge: The arts can be used in a variety of ways to connect with people and to connect people to ministry opportunities. If you notice someone with a particular talent, ask if they would be willing to use it within ministry. Find an opportunity for them to use their talent. They will be blessed, the church will be blessed, and others will be blessed by them.

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Lord, thank You for blessing people so uniquely with beautiful talents and skills that can be used for Your glory. Open doors of opportunity so ministries can be enriched by the creativity of others so the message of Your gospel can be shared with the world. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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