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Bridge Maintenance

Welcome back to Connections2Excellence!

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We have looked at types of bridges, covered bridges, bridge construction, bridge foundations and support, bridges around the world, unique bridges, bridges in our relationships, and bridges in the arts. On Faith Connection Friday, we connect these concepts to our faith.

As we draw this bridge to a close, we recognize there are many astounding instances in which bridges have fallen or collapsed. Their destruction may have been due to poor construction, low maintenance, or natural disasters.

Once bridges are formed, they cannot stay that way permanently. They cannot be established and forgotten. Bridges require consistent, regular maintenance, or they begin to deteriorate. We have to be intentional about keeping them current and in the best shape possible. As we consider personally maintaining our bridges, what are some Connections2Excellence that could be made to our daily lives? What personal bridges require regular maintenance?

One connection may be choosing to be proactive in maintaining our relationships, including the foundations and support systems. If we do not regularly check the foundation, it could begin to deteriorate. If we do not maintain bridges with others, we can lose sight of what is truly important. We can become selfish, isolated, or not think of others. How do we exercise maintenance? What is necessary to keep relationships strong and healthy? Such practices include a steadfast commitment to keeping relationships strong with open communications, forgiveness, sharing struggles, and receiving input and guidance.

Another maintenance connection may be recording our dreams and staying on track to fulfill those dreams or the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations to treasure. We can develop these dreams and legacies through creative outlets such as the arts. Each of these involves intentionally scheduling focused time.

Our Connections Challenge: Identify areas that require maintenance (pretty much all of them). What will it take to maintain them? What steps will you put into place to help stay on track? Schedule time every day or every week to focus on this item.

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