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Bridges to Faith Relationships

In my early 20s, I made an unexpected friend that has lasted for decades. Initially, it involved a conversation about a cute guy. Somehow, the conversation turned to other things, and another friend joined us. We frequented Denny’s for coffee and eventually became the best, inseparable friends.

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Relationships are a way of life. We all have them. We relate the best we can with people of various cultures, families, and personalities. We develop relationships that are tender, close, or become strained. We have relationships with the young and the mature.

At times, however, it seems difficult to develop relationships. We have to determine to take the initiative in many instances. Eventually, that one person may unexpectedly appear, and you make a connection.

How do we connect in our relationships? Since this is Faith Connection Friday, the bridge to making connections is prayer. For example, if we desire to make a connection , or if we find making relationships challenging, the best way first is through prayer. Ask the Lord to place someone in our path. When we pray, we then watch intentionally for His answer. Sometimes, He chooses to bring someone unexpectedly or someone surprising. Pray. Watch. Wait. Act.

If we find relationships challenging, the best way first is to pray for the person and about the situation. Pray that you would become sensitive to the needs of the other person. Pray that the Lord gives you a heart like His. When we pray, He will answer. Over time, you will discover that your heart is changing. As you pray for that person, the annoyances or sandpaper qualities are not as evident; and you begin to see them as the Lord sees them. There may be difficult struggles and adversities the person is undergoing of which you are not aware. As a result, or as an answer to their prayers, Lord may use you as the answer and provide their much needed encouragement. The situation may become trivial in nature, and an easier solution may be identified.

Throughout Scripture, we are commanded to love one another with kindness, tenderness, forgiveness, and humility (Ephesians 4, Philippians 2). As we develop and practice these characteristics personally, other followers of Christ will be drawn to us, forming a bond that cannot be broken.

Our Faith Connection Challenge: Pray. Watch. Wait. Act. Pray the Lord brings someone into your life to develop a connection. Pray for the other person’s needs. Watch how the Lord answers prayer. Wait for His answers. Take action by developing within yourself desirable characteristics of a godly friend.

Holy Father, I pray for this one who desires to make a connection with someone or to resolve a broken relationship. I pray that they focus on becoming more like You and becoming the godly person someone else may need. Thank You for answered prayer. In Your beautiful name, Amen.

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