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Kindness to Friendship

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Thank you so much for joining us! Okay, so I enjoy the old, classic scary movies, especially the ones with Abbott and Costello. To me, they are like watching “The Munsters,” another show I watched that was quite amusing. They were a family consisting of Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, and a werewolf. Daddy… Continue reading Kindness to Friendship

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The Power of Presence

Image: WordPress One thing challenging for centuries is staying connected. This year we find connections even more challenging. A song we may sing to our sweetie is, “I’ll Be There,” by Jackson 5. It expresses assurance the person will be present for the other as a source of comfort and strength and provide unselfish love… Continue reading The Power of Presence

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Valued Character

Jason has been with the organization less than three years and continually proves to be an asset. A highly-sensitive project is assigned to Harold, and Jason is the first person he considers to help gather the information. Harold knows Jason will complete the work timely and with accuracy. Trustworthy. Integrity. Loyalty. Respect. These characteristics are… Continue reading Valued Character

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Speaking the Language

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Have you ever been assigned a task only to find the results were not what you expected? Over the course of two weeks, I had an assignment to contact peers for their input. The prompt responses were overwhelming and deeply humbling. The gifts of their words and the time they willingly sacrificed… Continue reading Speaking the Language

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Invaluable Counselors

Image: mutualart.comGood ol' Charlie Brown. He sought counsel about life from the coldhearted Lucy and the compassionate Snoopy on many occasions. Just like Charlie Brown, we all need people in our lives. People encouraging us and giving us advice. People pushing us so we can be excellent in our pursuits. People walking alongside us and… Continue reading Invaluable Counselors

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Treasured Heirlooms

Sometimes I can get lost in the past by thinking of personal and professional experiences, continued education, cultivated skills, accomplishments, and successes. If I’m not careful, they can easily become inappropriate precious treasures. However, they only bring temporary happiness. The thrill lasts for a short while until it’s time to move on to the next… Continue reading Treasured Heirlooms

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What Do You Treasure?

We are entering the holiday season. It is not only getting cooler, we see evidences by retailers displaying their treasures. A multitude of local craft fairs, major department stores promote sales, the annual Thanksgiving Day parade, and long-awaited seasonal hot beverages. Customers are enticed to buy coveted treasures. Yet, these treasures become precious to those… Continue reading What Do You Treasure?

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Bridges to Faith Relationships

In my early 20s, I made an unexpected friend that has lasted for decades. Initially, it involved a conversation about a cute guy. Somehow, the conversation turned to other things, and another friend joined us. We frequented Denny’s for coffee and eventually became the best, inseparable friends. Relationships are a way of life. We all… Continue reading Bridges to Faith Relationships

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Break Time!

Welcome back!  You may be wondering how a tour of the workplace connects to excellence. Well, at least you discover how my weird mind works. We have toured the exterior, lobby, reception, offices, the executive office, and resource areas. So, let's continue the tour to find what I will come up with next. Yes, we all… Continue reading Break Time!