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What Do You Treasure?

We are entering the holiday season. It is not only getting cooler, we see evidences by retailers displaying their treasures. A multitude of local craft fairs, major department stores promote sales, the annual Thanksgiving Day parade, and long-awaited seasonal hot beverages. Customers are enticed to buy coveted treasures. Yet, these treasures become precious to those who receive them.

There are many items that are treasures to me. They have sentimental meaning. Yet, I know they are especially special to me and probably no one else. They are items with important and joyful memories attached. Gifts, artwork, cards, pictures. We all have items of importance that we hold dear because of the event that surrounds it.

There are many memories that are treasures to me. Memories that make me laugh. Memories that make me cry. Births, deaths, friends, joys, and sorrows. They are memories that last a lifetime.

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Our Connections Challenge: What are some of your treasures? They can be tangible or intangible. Pull out or recall those special treasures to you. Take some time to enjoy those special moments.

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