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An Example to Follow

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you so much for joining us!

Many organizations utilize programs focusing on mentoring or coaching. Seasoned professionals spend months or years guiding and developing their protégés to be great leaders. Together, they share life experiences, dreams, and goals. Together, they progress the path while reaching markers and providing encouragement during challenges.

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As we connect to faith, we look to the Master Mentor, Jesus, as our example. For three years, He poured His life into twelve disciples and developed them into great leaders that impacted the world by sharing and living the gospel. They followed Him as He interacted with others. They watched Him as He performed miracles. They listened as He taught about His character. He taught them as He lived, as He died, and after He rose from the dead.

A theme of Philippians is focusing on relationships. The authors poured their lives into the church at Philippi. They encouraged them to be unified and interact with love for one another. They encouraged them to live by the example of Christ.

Following Christ’s example, we develop relationships by sharing life experiences and encouraging others. We show love and compassion by providing comfort and support during challenging times. Our challenge is living in such a way that we reflect Christ.

Our Faith Challenge: Read and meditate on the book of Philippians. How does it challenge you to live with the purpose of impacting others? Is your life an example others would want to follow? Seek relationships in which you can serve as a mentor to others, or you can be mentored by someone who has been a godly example.

Lord, we are so grateful for Your example to us as to how we can serve You by serving others. May we love others like You love. May we become examples so others will desire to follow You. In Your name, Amen.

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