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An Example to Follow

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you so much for joining us! Many organizations utilize programs focusing on mentoring or coaching. Seasoned professionals spend months or years guiding and developing their protégés to be great leaders. Together, they share life experiences, dreams, and goals. Together, they progress the path while reaching markers and providing encouragement… Continue reading An Example to Follow

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Blessings in Boldness

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you so much for joining. Today's blog is more personal and out of my comfort zone; I hope you enjoy and are blessed. Recently, I did something I don’t normally do. Something out of my comfort zone. And sometimes we just have to take a step of faith. Background:… Continue reading Blessings in Boldness

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The Perfect Dance

Thank you for anxiously awaiting the posting of this blog! I am sure you were counting the hours to find out the outcome of the wedding of the century! The ceremony beyond gorgeous. The ministers (one of which was Dad) eloquent. The bride stunning and beautiful, and the groom dashing and handsome. There was laughter,… Continue reading The Perfect Dance

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Reward in the Waiting

Patience. It is a fruit of the Spirit we don’t particularly like. Still, it is a characteristic we develop to reflect Christ. There are several examples in Scripture of people who experienced patience. Noah was told to build an ark, yet he waited 100 years for the flood. Moses was used to deliver the children… Continue reading Reward in the Waiting

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Unexplainable Joy

Joy is inner, unexplainable, delightful peace. It’s quiet. It’s calming. It’s resting. It’s uplifting. Joy is a gift from God. It is fruit of the Spirit. Joy is recognizing the blessings of God and finding delight. As we proclaim our thankfulness to God for the gifts He so willingly and abundantly bestows upon His children,… Continue reading Unexplainable Joy

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EnJOY the Belly Laughs!

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! A little light today, as I wanted us to take a few minutes and start our day with laughter! Thank you for joining us! Joy. It’s the feeling of getting tickled because something was so funny you couldn’t help but laugh until you cried. It’s the hilarious belly laughter of a child.… Continue reading EnJOY the Belly Laughs!

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An Attitude of Love

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! This week begins a series on desired qualities. Faith Connection Friday extends the concept and relates to faith. Thank you so much for visiting! Love. It’s warm and fuzzy. It’s babies and sweet cuddles. It’s first love. It’s passion. It’s heartache in time of loss. It’s releasing our children to start their… Continue reading An Attitude of Love