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Blessings in Boldness

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you so much for joining. Today’s blog is more personal and out of my comfort zone; I hope you enjoy and are blessed.

Recently, I did something I don’t normally do. Something out of my comfort zone. And sometimes we just have to take a step of faith.

Background: I was attending a conference where my son’s favorite artist was giving a concert. Before the conference, my husband sent me on a mission: pick up a Bible for our son’s wedding so guests could sign their name or write a blessing for the new couple. After making the purchase, I met a couple of friends for dinner and proposed that I would do my best to surprise my son and his new beloved with a video of the artist congratulating them on their wedding. Their response? Why not have him sign the Bible? We prayed intensely that the Lord would open an opportunity.

Source: ChurchArt

When we got to the conference, I found the artist’s booth and asked the attendant if there was any way I could get the Bible to him to sign. The attendant took my information and message and would contact me if it was possible. Of course, I had my phone in hand all evening. Waiting. Nothing.

As a mother on mission, I was not giving up. I was going back to the booth. However, another plan unfolded. As we went down the steps approaching the stage, the person before us was … the artist’s wife! She was speaking with someone, and I felt a prompting to be bravely bold. Wait. Then go for it. (I am certain my friends wondered what I was doing.)

When the person speaking with her left, I made my move. I humbly made the request that my son was getting married the following Saturday; and, if possible, would she be willing to ask her husband to sign next to his favorite verse or write a blessing. She was so gracious. She said she did not know where he was and would find him. Five minutes later, she returned with the Bible in hand and opened to the place where her husband had beautifully written a personal message to them.

I then mentioned that my husband and son prayed with her husband backstage several years earlier, and I wanted to do the same with her. She was so appreciative and willingly shared a personal request. We, along with my friends, joined hands as I prayed.

It was a most beautiful and memorable privilege. As we departed, all I could say was, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all we could ask or think … to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.” All the way home, the only words I could express were, “Thank you, Jesus.” There were no other words.

The outcome? Obviously, I won “Best Mother of the Year”!

Our Faith Connections Challenge: When the Lord leads, follow. Be bold and be blessed! You and others receive the blessing.

Lord, thank You for opportunities that stretch us. May we be sensitive to Your leading so others are blessed, and so we may also receive a blessing. In Your blessed name, Amen.

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