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The Goal of Partnership

The fall season is a time of year that many focus on giving and serving members of our communities in need. It is a time when individuals, teams, and organizations join together in partnership. Basically, forming and building relationships of parties to achieve a common goal.

We notice the success and bond of the partnership relationship by the unity and contributions of the team. Each partner shares ideas, learns from one another, encourages each other, and gains confidence in members’ strengths and abilities. A bond of unity is formed among partners that can last a lifetime. The success of the partnership focuses on the goal.

Here is an example of the impact of a successful partnership. Our teams serve each year at the local food bank. We look forward to this event because we serve for a common purpose—to help alleviate hunger. The leaders of the food bank divide us into smaller teams and assign certain tasks. We work together—forming unity. We each play a specific role—contributing to the team. This team-building activity encourages forming and developing relationships in a different environment.

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Our Connections Challenge: Take advantage opportunities in your community to serve. Join your organization’s team if they plan a community event. Volunteer at a local food pantry or community center. Deliver a meal to shut-ins or an elderly neighbor. Invite a struggling friend to dinner, coffee, or a movie.

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