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Partnership of Blessing

A team of individuals eager to serve for a common purpose. Each member is focused and ready. Each cares for and encourages the other. Each commits and desires to meet needs.

This was the lifestyle of the church at Philippi. Specifically, the church met Paul’s needs as he traveled and when he was imprisoned. They met his physical needs, his financial needs, his emotional needs, and his spiritual needs. The bond of unity with the Philippians was rare and treasured by Paul. We read about their interactions in Acts, chapter 16, and Philippians.

Paul calls the church of Philippi “partakers.” They partnered with him in his life purpose: “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21). They understood the importance of Paul’s purpose and saw the vital need for the world to know Christ. He remembered them with deep affection. He prayed for them continually. He needed them, and they needed him.

How can we connect the lives of the partner relationships of Paul and the Philippians to our lives today? We can learn by their example.

  • They treasured one other. Do we treasure our relationships? When one hurts, do we hurt? When one is joyful, do we rejoice with them? Express your thoughtfulness by a card or message just because. Meet for coffee or pie and listen to them.
  • They met the needs of one another. Some may not share they are in need. Surprise someone with a bag of groceries or buying them lunch. Bring them a few gently-used clothing items that would look precious on them. Anonymously pay their electric bill.
  • They prayed for one another. Prayer is private communication with the Lord, and we deepen our relationships when we pray for others. We may not know how to pray, and that is okay. Ask the Lord to provide their needs and use you to help as He chooses.
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Our Faith Connection Challenge: We can partner with others by meeting their physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual needs. Who comes to mind that needs you? Consider some of the ideas mentioned. Be blessed!

Lord, thank You for prompting me to meet my friend’s needs. Use me to bless in the way I best can. Thank You for using me. In Your name, Amen.

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