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Boldness Outside the Comfort Zone

There are times man enters a place that produces fear or feelings of insecurity and anxiety. These reactions may be due to a lack of knowledge, a lack of confidence, or the unknown. We have stepped outside of the place we call … The Comfort Zone.

We have all been there or will be at some point. What have you encountered outside your comfort zone? Maybe public speaking before a class of peers or giving a presentation before colleagues. Possibly an invitation to contribute to a project in which you have minimal experience. Or it could be a great job opportunity, and you lack one requirement.

I recall a time a manager asked my input for a project before a room filled with other managers. I was shocked and somewhat uneasy. I had insecurity and a lack of confidence. But I knew, though out of my comfort zone, I had to say something. After pondering his question, I responded with what came to mind. Surprisingly, my answer developed into one of the core values of the organization. What if I had remained silent? What if I had not taken a chance?

Lesson: Even though there will be times in which we are uncomfortable, taking a step may out of our Comfort Zone may result in something life-changing for you or others. Sometimes we have to take that opportunity, take a risk, and watch what happens. We never know until we leave our Comfort Zone.

Our Connections Challenge: Is there something that you know you could do, yet something is holding you back? Identify what would help you leave your Comfort Zone.

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