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EnJOY the Belly Laughs!

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! A little light today, as I wanted us to take a few minutes and start our day with laughter! Thank you for joining us!

Joy. It’s the feeling of getting tickled because something was so funny you couldn’t help but laugh until you cried. It’s the hilarious belly laughter of a child. Click to have some wonderful belly laughs with babies and cats and dogs!

Image: WordPress

Joy is an inner peace and unexplainable elation. It is different from happiness, which is associated with circumstances. It is satisfaction of witnessing a hope fulfilled. It’s the elation of knowing you anonymously helped someone with a need. There is joy when we are with friends, it is unconditional acceptance and belonging. There is joy when we watch children grow or our coworkers thrive. It is contentment or an inner calm as we endure difficult times. It is strength expressed that others may not understand. Random acts of kindness. And so much more. Joy.

Our Connections2Excellence Challenge: Take a few minutes and EnJOY the videos!

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