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The Perfect Dance

Thank you for anxiously awaiting the posting of this blog! I am sure you were counting the hours to find out the outcome of the wedding of the century! The ceremony beyond gorgeous. The ministers (one of which was Dad) eloquent. The bride stunning and beautiful, and the groom dashing and handsome. There was laughter, and there were tears (mostly from me).

The mother-son dance was … let’s call it … memorable. I’ve already confessed that I am not an artist. Another surprise confession: I am definitely not a dancer. Yet, it was the most fun I have had in a long time—even if I was an object of laughter from the crowd.

From the time my son was an infant until he was “too old,” we would occasionally dance. No special song, just dance. One of my favorite memories. This time, we danced to Beyoncé’s “Halo”; and this dance is one I will forever treasure in my heart.

Recently, I heard a speaker explain the grace and beauty of a couple’s dance. There is a leader, and there is a follower. My son had to lead, and I had to follow. My son and his new bride have danced many times before, so he knew what he was doing. If I had led, it would have been disastrous and comical. Also, we live states apart, so we had limited time to practice. Because I followed my son’s lead, the dance was elegant and regal, at least in my mind. I wasn’t thinking anything else but following my son’s lead.

Our Connections Challenge: We are leaders, and we are followers. We lead or follow in different capacities at home, school, work, and social organizations. When you lead, do you truly lead your followers? Do you guide them gracefully so they willingly follow your step? When you follow, do you truly follow your leader? Do you willingly turn and transition to their direction and follow? There is much material available written by experts about being the best leader or follower, whatever your role. How do you lead? How do you follow? When leaders and followers rehearse and work together as a team, their “dance” results in a beautiful work of art.

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