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Preparing for the End

Planning. Budgets. Meals. Activities. People. Practices. We can prepare for most life events. As we engage in the preparations, we become more confident with the success of the end result.

Proverbs 16 is filled with principles that says man can make the best of plans, but every step is from the Lord. Even if our plans unexpectedly change, we can trust that God intended it for good. He has something better planned.

Additionally, other Scriptures teach the importance of preparing for festivals and feasts and preparing for battle. It also tell us that we prepare our hearts for worship. With all these preparations, we are experience rest and confidence in the outcome He directs. Lastly, we have the promise Jesus gives before He ascends into heaven—He says that He is preparing a place for us!

How do we prepare so we are ready? Many of us easily plan for an event like a meal or a party. We could probably even determine that to prepare for a battle, you have to train—physically and mentally. Similarly, we prepare our hearts for worship.

Image: ChurchArt

We physically prepare by posturing ourselves in prayer, our hearts bent toward God, our knees bowed in willing and humble surrender. We mentally prepare by training our mind to focus on God and His Word, removing distractions that beg our attention. We prepare our hearts to be attentive to what He says to us. We prepare to receive what He asks of us and are obedient. As we engage in the preparations, we become more confident with the success of the end result.

Our Faith Challenge: Begin your daily exercise routine of physically and mentally posturing yourself for the day’s activities. Blessings to you!

Lord, I pray for this precious one as they willingly and lovingly prepare for Your direction. Strengthen their minds and their hearts so they are prepared to receive Your blessings. In Your Name, Amen.

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