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Preparing for New Beginnings

The last several months have been filled with many preparations. Our only son is getting married this weekend. Hard to believe since it seems I just held him in my arms for the first time. Precious memories. Bittersweet—a mixture of sadness and happiness. Now I share him with his new bride to be. Another one of life’s many joys they will experience together.

There were many preparations making this weekend perfect and memorable. The proposal. The rings. The wedding. The reception. The honeymoon. It’s a time of joy for two people coming together and starting their life as a new family.

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Life is filled with many new seasons. New loves. New relationships. New jobs. New beginnings. Things that have not yet been. Yet, before the grand event, there are necessary preparations.

What is your response if life doesn’t go as planned? Amidst all the planning and preparations, sometimes there may be a delay. Do you get flustered and panic? Do you exercise self-control and find the best possible solution? Our reaction is important. It is a testimony to others and ourselves. Our response helps evaluate areas of personal development and improvement.

There have been occasions in which part of an event did not go as planned. An amazing leader gave some profound wisdom: Focus on what you can control. Do all you can to make the event excellent, the rest is out of your control. If something goes awry, it eventually works out and sometimes for the best. Then, evaluate the situation, and learn from it.

How can we connect this concept to excellence?

  • Ask for help. There are people with expertise who can provide the necessary assistance. Plus, an extra person provides a comfort—two is better than one.
  • Be willing and available to help others who may be in a stressful time. This encourages us to build relationships and helps us easily identify when someone is overloaded and could use an extra hand.
  • Rest in knowing things just happen over which we have no control. Things eventually work out, sometimes for the best.
  • Evaluate the event, identifying pros and cons and areas of improvement.

Our Connections Challenge: Identify any current stressful event. Consider the suggestions above to help relieve the stress. Be thankful for those who help. Most of all, enjoy the fruit of your labor!

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