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Reward in the Waiting

Patience. It is a fruit of the Spirit we don’t particularly like. Still, it is a characteristic we develop to reflect Christ. There are several examples in Scripture of people who experienced patience. Noah was told to build an ark, yet he waited 100 years for the flood. Moses was used to deliver the children… Continue reading Reward in the Waiting

Character, Discipline, Excellence, Faith, Freedom, Influence, Prayer, Purpose, security

Our Obedient El Olam

When phrases are repeated in Scripture, it is very important to take notice. For example, several passages in Scripture identify God as the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. These terms teach that He has always been and always will be. This is hard for us to… Continue reading Our Obedient El Olam

Character, Discipline, Excellence, Freedom, Influence, Purpose, security

Freedom in Obedience

Obedience. All of us are under authority. Street signs. Teachers. Parents. Law enforcement. Government. Employers. And it affects everyone--children and adults. Even our pets can attend obedience school. From an early age, we are told what to do and what not to do. All to instill obedience. Obedience is not natural or automatic. It is… Continue reading Freedom in Obedience