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Freedom in Obedience

img_0085Obedience. All of us are under authority. Street signs. Teachers. Parents. Law enforcement. Government. Employers. And it affects everyone–children and adults. Even our pets can attend obedience school. From an early age, we are told what to do and what not to do. All to instill obedience.

Obedience is not natural or automatic. It is something to be learned. We choose to comply, or we choose to rebel. We learn through trial and error. We learn from others who have experienced life situations and teach written or oral laws, traditions, rules, polices, and procedures.

Tasks assigned may be easy or may challenge our beliefs and values. In most cases, obedience is something we choose to do and exercise willingly. As a result, the willingness brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

It is this perspective that we can view obedience not as an “I have to” but as an “I get to” opportunity. For example, I choose to obey because I get to please someone, not because it is required. I choose to willingly comply due to the trust I place in someone and because of the ultimate outcome. The obedience on my part allows me to partner with the person and witness the results, which brings joy, satisfaction, and freedom.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: As you go throughout the week, identify things in place that require obedience. How do you react to the requests? If you sense rebellion, consider changing the perspective as an opportunity to partner with the person and connect to excellence.

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