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What Do You Treasure?

We are entering the holiday season. It is not only getting cooler, we see evidences by retailers displaying their treasures. A multitude of local craft fairs, major department stores promote sales, the annual Thanksgiving Day parade, and long-awaited seasonal hot beverages. Customers are enticed to buy coveted treasures. Yet, these treasures become precious to those… Continue reading What Do You Treasure?

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Treasured Memories

Many memories have been recalled this week. We have browsed antique shops, toured historical sites, and visited family members and friends. One of our excursions was touring our North Carolina home, which is now a hobby shop. As I entered the front door, a flood of memories overwhelmed me. The tears easily began to fall… Continue reading Treasured Memories

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Precious Pieces of Life

Many things we hold precious may include family, heirlooms, jewelry, and memories. There are things that I particularly hold close. Priceless treasures from my mother. Gifts from my husband. My Bible with autographs, memorable markings (my son playing connect the dots on the maps), and personal handwritten notes. And some remaining pieces of string from… Continue reading Precious Pieces of Life