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Precious Pieces of Life

Many things we hold precious may include family, heirlooms, jewelry, and memories. There are things that I particularly hold close. Priceless treasures from my mother. Gifts from my husband. My Bible with autographs, memorable markings (my son playing connect the dots on the maps), and personal handwritten notes. And some remaining pieces of string from… Continue reading Precious Pieces of Life

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A Connecting Ray of Sunshine

Summer has arrived. People are enjoying the outdoors and basking in the glory of sunshine. The sun--it gives energy, it refreshes, and it revives.  Besides the warmth the sun brings, is there another connection we can make?  In my somewhat weird way of thinking, I believe I may have had an illuminating thought. My father… Continue reading A Connecting Ray of Sunshine

Excellence, Faith, Family, Influence, Purpose

Father Knows Best

Recently, my father reminded his class of the TV classic, “Father Knows Best.”  The title of that show lingered in the back of my mind as I thought about its connection to a life of excellence. My father enjoys challenging my intellect with deep dialogues about the Bible.  During one of our moments of intense… Continue reading Father Knows Best