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Intentional Kindness

Kindness is a trait that comes naturally to some. It is one that can be easily and intentionally practiced so others are impacted by your thoughtfulness. A fruit of the Spirit is kindness, or lovingkindness. It is a characteristic of God, and He develops this trait in us so we can be more like Him.… Continue reading Intentional Kindness

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A Growing Faith

We’ve examined many bridges and connected them uniquely to excellence and our faith. As we conclude this series, we identify what may be necessary to keep our bridges structurally sound and long lasting. These bridge connections include intercession, foundation and support, legacy, relationships, and using gifts in ministry. Over time, if intentional maintenance is not… Continue reading A Growing Faith

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A Connecting Ray of Sunshine

Summer has arrived. People are enjoying the outdoors and basking in the glory of sunshine. The sun--it gives energy, it refreshes, and it revives.  Besides the warmth the sun brings, is there another connection we can make?  In my somewhat weird way of thinking, I believe I may have had an illuminating thought. My father… Continue reading A Connecting Ray of Sunshine

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My Father’s Eyes

Recently, as I reminisced about my youth, I recalled when I was introduced to the music of Amy Grant. My beloved mentors, Dara and Susan, shared her music with me; and I played it nonstop.  One song that captured my attention was “Father’s Eyes.”  And how fitting this month to reflect on that song.  Both… Continue reading My Father’s Eyes