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The Pursuit of Excellence

When I was a child, I knew that I wanted to follow in my mother’s steps as an administrative professional. After graduating from high school, I went to one of the best vocational schools in Dallas. The values and training that I learned from my mother, schools, and professional experience, have stayed with me for… Continue reading The Pursuit of Excellence

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A Greeting and a Smile

Last week we began a guided tour of the workplace and how each of us plays a crucial role.  We began a tour of our community and the exterior of our workplace.  This week, we gather first impressions as we enter the building. In the movies, we may associate establishments portraying greeters wearing white gloves,… Continue reading A Greeting and a Smile

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Bravely Bold Speech (Part 2: “O”)

A few blogs ago, I talked about being bravely bold.  Loving bold coffee, incorporating the be-attitudes, and living bravely bold.  At that time, I mentioned we would return to complete the thought.  What does it look like to be bold?  We can be bold in our motives, our beliefs, and our passions. The acrostic B-O-L-D… Continue reading Bravely Bold Speech (Part 2: “O”)

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The Discipline of Rest

The season of summer brings opportunities for many families to take vacations.  These vacations are an intended means for persons to get away from the routine and rest.  We explore new places.  We learn different cultures.  We see parts of the world that move us or delight us.  We rest our bodies.  We rest our… Continue reading The Discipline of Rest

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A Connecting Ray of Sunshine

Summer has arrived. People are enjoying the outdoors and basking in the glory of sunshine. The sun--it gives energy, it refreshes, and it revives.  Besides the warmth the sun brings, is there another connection we can make?  In my somewhat weird way of thinking, I believe I may have had an illuminating thought. My father… Continue reading A Connecting Ray of Sunshine

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Is Learning on Your Bucket List?

When my sister and I were small, we looked forward to going to work with Mother Dear at Christmas.  One of the things I particularly enjoyed was helping.  Mother would give me mail to deliver to her boss, and I was thrilled that I was given the task of going into his office and putting… Continue reading Is Learning on Your Bucket List?

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Lessons from Lombardi

Early in my career, I discovered an amazing quote by Vince Lombardi:  “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.  Autograph your work with excellence.”  Let us take this quote apart and discover how it can be interpreted. “Every job …”  That means everything I do.  Not just a vocation—but everything.  My… Continue reading Lessons from Lombardi