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Thankful for Rest

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Thank you for being here. May you be refreshed today. There is just not enough time in the day! Work. School. Life demands. It never stops. There is no end in sight. Does this sound familiar? Sometimes it seems life is a constant roller coaster. So much to do, so little time.… Continue reading Thankful for Rest

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Break Time!

Welcome back!  You may be wondering how a tour of the workplace connects to excellence. Well, at least you discover how my weird mind works. We have toured the exterior, lobby, reception, offices, the executive office, and resource areas. So, let's continue the tour to find what I will come up with next. Yes, we all… Continue reading Break Time!

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The Discipline of Rest

The season of summer brings opportunities for many families to take vacations.  These vacations are an intended means for persons to get away from the routine and rest.  We explore new places.  We learn different cultures.  We see parts of the world that move us or delight us.  We rest our bodies.  We rest our… Continue reading The Discipline of Rest