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A Most Holy Night

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Merry Christmas to you. May you and your loved ones have a blessed Christmas. Over 400 years of silence. People continued with their routine activities. They cleaned house, prepared meals, taught school, watched sheep. Many felt lost and without hope. Then one night ... There was nothing particularly special about… Continue reading A Most Holy Night

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Safety in the Father’s Care

A young boy and his father are in the middle of a storm, and the young boy is afraid. The father extends his hand to his son, and the son takes his father’s hand. Why? Because he knows he is safe in his father’s care. We may experience frightening circumstances. Yet, when we commit ourselves… Continue reading Safety in the Father’s Care

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Pursuing Peace

There have been instances in which I have experienced undeniable peace with major life decisions, conflict resolution, job situations, or family crises. There have also been instances in which peace seemed difficult to find, resulting in unrest, fear, anxiety, and worry. Like joy, peace is internal and difficult to grasp. It is an unexplainable calm,… Continue reading Pursuing Peace

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Developing Peace

Recently, I spent a day in DC with family. It was ... peaceful. The traffic was manageable. The people were friendly. The day was beautiful. Even at the end of the workday, I noticed people enjoying the outdoors by playing soccer or frisbee or walking their dog. Yes, it may have been an extraordinary—not the… Continue reading Developing Peace

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Precious Peace

The world is full of chaotic moments and circumstances. We find ourselves going busily here and there, hardly without time to stop and breathe. Someone demands a moment of our time, and it turns into minutes and interferes with our next appointment. Meetings, phone calls, activities--there seems to be no end. Amid these moments, we… Continue reading Precious Peace

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Bravely Bold Be-Attitudes (Part 1: “B”)

Those who know me are well aware that I adore coffee.  The fancy and the flavorful.   Lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas.  Even just plain regular—as long as it is bold and strong.  And please do not forget the coffeehouses!  A favorite in New Orleans is Café du Monde, and there are two of the most divine… Continue reading Bravely Bold Be-Attitudes (Part 1: “B”)