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A Time of Humble Surrender

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Image: ChurchArtThis week marks an important personal anniversary. It was 25 years ago that I was brought to my knees in humble surrender to the Lord due to a difficult season. I celebrate this date each year as a time of remembrance of what the Lord did in my life.… Continue reading A Time of Humble Surrender

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Lessons from St. Patrick

St. Patrick's Day was celebrated this weekend by so many around the world. I found it interesting the history of St. Patrick and the day in which we celebrate his life. Though the day has become commercialized in many respects, the purpose for which he has been honored is admirable. St. Patrick was kidnapped and… Continue reading Lessons from St. Patrick

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A Sacrifice of Strength

Welcome to Faith Connection Friday! We connect the pursuit of excellence to faith. One of the most moving scenes in the movie, "The Passion of the Christ," portrays Jesus being flogged. At the point he appears to have exhausted strength, he gets back up and takes more. This scene is a reminder of the ultimate… Continue reading A Sacrifice of Strength

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Unusual Strength

When we think of strength, we may naturally connect to the physical realm. The amount of weight one can lift. Competitors who give their all straight to the finish line. Those who work hard to build their bodies so they can win and be their best. We may also connect strength to our mind, will,… Continue reading Unusual Strength

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Workplace Excellence

Thank you so much for joining me during this quick tour of our workplaces and how it connects to excellence!  It is my hope that you found the series entertaining and enlightening as you relate to your workplace. This week, we wrap up the series by connecting it all to excellence. We have toured the… Continue reading Workplace Excellence

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Bravely Bold Be-Attitudes (Part 1: “B”)

Those who know me are well aware that I adore coffee.  The fancy and the flavorful.   Lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas.  Even just plain regular—as long as it is bold and strong.  And please do not forget the coffeehouses!  A favorite in New Orleans is Café du Monde, and there are two of the most divine… Continue reading Bravely Bold Be-Attitudes (Part 1: “B”)