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Workplace Excellence

Thank you so much for joining me during this quick tour of our workplaces and how it connects to excellence!  It is my hope that you found the series entertaining and enlightening as you relate to your workplace.

This week, we wrap up the series by connecting it all to excellence. We have toured the exterior, interior, lobby, reception, individual office areas, executive suite, resource areas, and break areas. Not only did we explore the sites, we identified those who make those areas significant–you and me. Hopefully, you have seen these areas differently and vital.

Our workplace is intended to be a place of safety and security, a place of respect and rest. The workplace may be a physical building, home office, or vehicle. How we approach our workplace is for our enjoyment and for others to enjoy. Hopefully, we take care of and respect our personal space and the spaces we frequently occupy.

The workplace can also be a mindset. The way our exterior reflects our interior: our attitudes, our beliefs, and our values. The way we welcome or greet others. Ideally, we are in a role that fits us–a niche, a place in which we enjoy exercising our talents and gifts, a place in which we excel. This connects to excellence by thinking of others. Our vocational position is not just about us and what we can receive–it is about how we can make our workplace beneficial for others. It does not matter the role you play, each of us has a significant part. We excel so others can excel.

Back to the workplace as a mindset. Excellence is going the extra mile, going above and beyond, putting in that extra effort. And it is doing so with enthusiasm, eagerness, and willingness. The last part, willingness, may be a challenge. Are you ready for the question? Are you willing to excel so others can excel?

This miniseries has not just been a tour of the workplace but a challenge of how we can make our workplace the best. What area am I willing to focus on putting forth personal effort to make it the best, excellent? What area(s) do I frequent that I can reflect excellence? Who do I impact so they can be more excellent?

When others excel, we excel. We excel because others excel. We connect to excellence.

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Our Connections Challenge for the week: What area(s) are you willing to excel so others excel? Start with a smile and greeting. Make an effort to get to know your colleagues. Over time, the other areas will fall into place. By doing so, you excel and encourage others to excel.

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