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Indwelling into the Image

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When I think of image and what I see in a mirror, what comes to mind is the cat looking into a mirror or his shadow and seeing a lion. I wonder what we see when we see an image of ourselves.

It is intriguing that at the very point of salvation, the Holy Spirit immediately resides within us. This is one of the most puzzling ways God works in our lives. However, if we consider what happened at creation, He breathed into us and gave us life, it is the same principle. God Himself with us eternally.

As a result of that immediate indwelling, we begin to become more like Christ. It is a gradual, one day at a time transformation. These are the attributes that He is forming within us. We have examined several attributes in past weeks and how we can exhibit them or learn more about Him.

So, what does His Indwelling mean to us as it relates to image? Romans 8 says that we are being conformed to the image of Christ Jesus. What is the image of the Son? If you want to know Jesus, study Him in the Scriptures. Study His teachings, the way He related to people, what He preached, how He lived. (Through the Faith Connection Friday blogs, I examine one or more of His attributes and how they apply to us.) Those characteristics are being developed in us through a steady and timely process. Over time, we may notice that one day we are not as impatient with certain personalities. We may find it easier to exercise grace, mercy, and forgiveness with decisions others have made or if others have hurt us. This is the assurance that the Holy Spirit dwells within us and conforming us into His image.

It does become challenging at times to surrender ourselves to this process. We find it difficult to show grace. We may want to be rude or demand our way. As we commit ourselves to daily surrender to Him and His ways, we willingly allow Him to take over and make us into His image.

Now when you look at yourself, what do you see?

Our Faith Connection for this week: Ask God to show you the ways you are becoming more like Him and what areas you may strengthen. Reflect on the changes you have seen in your mind, will, or emotions since last week, last month, and last year. What characteristics of Christ do you see in your life? On what areas would you like to focus to become more like Christ? What actions can you take to strengthen those areas?

Lord, thank You for eternally indwelling and making me into the image of Your Son. May I live a life that reflects Your likeness in a way that others are drawn to You. Thank You. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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