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What Will I Miss?

If you could give up something, what would it be? What would you find easy to miss and difficult to be without? Maybe it’s choosing to not partake of certain food, coffee, or soda. Possibly it’s choosing to break from television, media, or social media. Perhaps it’s choosing to abstain from complaining, negative thinking, or… Continue reading What Will I Miss?

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The Light of Life

The Old Testament speaks of the Feast of Lights, which is most commonly known as Hanukkah. It celebrates the miracle of oil supplied for temple service. Interestingly, there are several verses that combine light and life. Could there possibly be a connection? Psalm 119:105 says the “Word is a lamp to my feet and a… Continue reading The Light of Life

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Moments of Remembrance

As we ponder the meaning of this Memorial Day, we remember the sacrifices that people have made for our freedoms.  This day is one in which we honor those who have served our country.  Many of us have loved ones, family, and friends who have willingly given their lives because of their selfless service. This… Continue reading Moments of Remembrance