Discipline, Excellence, Purpose

What Will I Miss?

If you could give up something, what would it be? What would you find easy to miss and difficult to be without? Maybe it’s choosing to not partake of certain food, coffee, or soda. Possibly it’s choosing to break from television, media, or social media. Perhaps it’s choosing to abstain from complaining, negative thinking, or cursing. What would you give up?

Image: skipprichard.com

This week begins Lent, a period of reflecting and allowing one to prepare for Easter. It is a religious season of forty days in which many choose to make personal sacrifices as a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

It is the practice of self-discipline. What can we learn from this practice? We may find that we can do without many things. So, what would you choose?

Our Connections Challenge: Take time to think of what you would miss by recognizing and practicing Lent this year. It officially starts this Wednesday! As you go through these next forty days, keep a journal of what you are experiencing and learning.

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