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Love Songs

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Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Happy Valentines’s Week!

This week we celebrate Valentine’s Day—a day full of love. Flowers, chocolates, cards, romantic comedies, and maybe a few weddings. And weddings include love songs. Speaking of weddings, my son and his new bride danced to SafetySuit’s “Never Stop,” at their wedding reception. My husband insisted they also play another song, “Brick House” by the Commodores. Apparently, that’s our song. Ah, love songs.

Many love songs eloquently express emotions we find difficult. Words of love and affection, deep commitment and unconditional love, joy and delight. We have Someone who sings beautiful and poetic love songs over us.

Image: amazingfacts.org

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Celebrate this Valentine’s Day knowing that God is singing over you with joy because of His great love for you.

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