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That’s in the Book?

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Drama. Intrigue. Betrayal. Romance. Friendship. Laughter. Mystery. Passion. Joy. Yes, it’s all there in the Bible. This Holy Book is filled with relatable characters, heartfelt stories, and beloved songs, which bring delight and challenge to its readers. This is God’s story. His story. He is the Master Storyteller communicating in… Continue reading That’s in the Book?

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Treasure of Stories

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Thank you so much for joining! My father, a master storyteller. He entertained nieces and nephews portraying characters and bringing great delight (they still talk about it!). He shared adventurous tales of a young boy named Gregory. Each time he told a story, if he deviated in the slightest, my sister or… Continue reading Treasure of Stories

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Treasured Memories

Many memories have been recalled this week. We have browsed antique shops, toured historical sites, and visited family members and friends. One of our excursions was touring our North Carolina home, which is now a hobby shop. As I entered the front door, a flood of memories overwhelmed me. The tears easily began to fall… Continue reading Treasured Memories