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Treasured Memories

Many memories have been recalled this week. We have browsed antique shops, toured historical sites, and visited family members and friends.

One of our excursions was touring our North Carolina home, which is now a hobby shop. As I entered the front door, a flood of memories overwhelmed me. The tears easily began to fall as I remembered the den where my husband placed a blue spruce tree that he special ordered for Christmas. It was taller than the ceiling and fell during the night, leaving streaks of sap on the wall. The tears continued as I peered into the room where my son and I sat in a chair as he prayed and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. The vivid images in the hallway where we slept during Hurricane Fran while my husband helped guests at his workplace.

We recall memories from our childhood. The houses in which we lived, the towns we called home. Our schools and shopping centers. The places where we worshipped with friends and family. Memorial parks where we have laid loved ones to rest. We now visit and notice the many changes that have taken place.

Our home towns have seen many changes throughout the years. We recognize differences through historical pictures and writings. We hear stories from residents or relatives that their family members have relayed over the years.

These stories are important to us today. Hearing others’ memories may even help us recall our own personal memories. They are a part of our heritage, our very lives. One day we may tell these memories to our families and the generations to come through conversations, pictures, or our history books.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: As we peruse antique shops or areas of interest, make conversation with the residents or retail owners. Find out as much about the place as you can. It is interesting to hear their stories and discover interesting details that may not be written in the history books. Begin a journal of your own, including childhood memories of your home and family. One day, your loved ones and generations to come will count them as treasures.

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