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Remembering the Restorer

Welcome to Faith Connection Friday! We connect the pursuit of excellence to a life of faith.

We have several antique pieces my husband’s grandfather made from old church pews. These handcrafted, precious treasures were thoughtfully redesigned for another purpose. As we take time to remember, we recognize these priceless pieces require periodic cleaning and restoring for best use. They need the gentle touch of the master restorer.

Just like tangible pieces of art, we also need repair or restoration. It may due to illness, and our bodies require time to heal. We may struggle with stress and anxiety, and we require time of renewal. We need the healing, refreshing touch of the Master Restorer.

It may be due to professional development, and our skill set requires refresher courses or new instruction. As technology, society, and culture change, we hone our skills so we can best function. We need the teaching touch of the Master Restorer.

It may be a new opportunity that encourages research to see if it is something we want to embrace. We consider every aspect imaginable to evaluate if it is a direction we want to pursue. A new, exciting area of our life’s adventure. We need the guiding touch of the Master Restorer.

It may be a broken relationship that timely returns to our lives to be mended. The separation may have been due to a misspoken word, an inappropriate action, or a misunderstanding. Sometimes, these instances can be difficult because they require humility, forgiveness, and talking about it, if possible. We need the reconciling touch of the Master Restorer.

It may a season in which we may have drifted, thinking our way was best, and we now need reconciliation. We need the cleansing, forgiving touch of the Master Restorer.

The Master Restorer can help us in all these areas. He heals our infirmities. He renews our hearts and minds. He teaches us so we can do our best. He guides us to the place He wants us to serve. He reconciles us to others. He cleanses and forgives us. He restores us. May we not forget that He “is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20, NKJV).

What are areas you desire repair or restoration? Where do you need the Master Restorer? As you go about your day, identify areas that could use refreshment. As you connect and serve with others, help them to identify ways you may support them. Surrender to the Master Restorer, and watch Him move in the situation. Thank Him for the ways in which He answers prayers.

Forgiving and loving Father, thank You for being our Master Restorer. Search our hearts and show us where we need Your restoration. May I extend to others the forgiveness You have extended to me. In Your holy name I pray, Amen.

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