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Blessings of Forgiveness

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! For the next several weeks until Easter, we are highlighting a character from the Easter story and connecting them to our life. Before Jesus was arrested, he was betrayed by two of His disciples, ones who had followed Him for three years listening to His teaching and watching the way… Continue reading Blessings of Forgiveness

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Remembering the Restorer

Welcome to Faith Connection Friday! We connect the pursuit of excellence to a life of faith. We have several antique pieces my husband's grandfather made from old church pews. These handcrafted, precious treasures were thoughtfully redesigned for another purpose. As we take time to remember, we recognize these priceless pieces require periodic cleaning and restoring… Continue reading Remembering the Restorer

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Faith Connection: Faithful and Forgiving Friend

Welcome back to Faith Connection Friday! It is my prayer you find these explorations of God's attributes encouraging. It has been exciting to delve into these aspects and refocus on the greatness of our wonderful God. This week, we look at His faithfulness, His forgiveness, and His friendship.┬áThe Bible is full of stories that reinforce… Continue reading Faith Connection: Faithful and Forgiving Friend