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Blessings of Forgiveness

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Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! For the next several weeks until Easter, we are highlighting a character from the Easter story and connecting them to our life.

Before Jesus was arrested, he was betrayed by two of His disciples, ones who had followed Him for three years listening to His teaching and watching the way He lived. Shortly before Jesus was arrested, Judas betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver and with a kiss; after Jesus was arrested, Peter denied knowing Him three times.

As a result of the betrayals, we see two different outcomes. Though Judas knew what he was planning to do, Jesus still called him friend. Judas did not repent, and took his own life. When Peter realized what he had done, he remembered Jesus’ words and wept. Peter did repent and became a pillar of the Church. His story continues in the Book of Acts where you see true repentance displayed by his boldness and his faith.

Jesus experienced betrayal and deep hurt. Because Jesus is fully human, we find comfort knowing that He understands the pain we feel when we are betrayed. Because Jesus is also fully God, we find hope knowing that He helps us forgive those who hurt us and heal from the pain that we suffer. As we forgive others, we also experience freedom.

Our Faith Connection Challenge: Be encouraged that whatever hurt you have experienced, Jesus has too. He understands and provides all you need to heal. Here is a song by Matthew West that says it so much better, “Forgiveness.”

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