Character, Discipline, Excellence, Influence, Purpose

Impactful Perspective

Stephanie was determined to rise to the top. From an early age, she made it her ambition to be the best. She studied and worked hard, and she expected her staff to do the same. She lacked compassion when a staff member had personal challenges and felt no remorse when she let them go because they could not keep up the pace. Finally, after several years of focused, dedicated work, she became a chief officer of one of the premier companies in the industry. One day, however, she witnessed a tenderness in one of the most tenured executives. It impacted her so much that over the next few months, she was mentored by the executive and began to change. Now she has one of the most productive and exemplary teams in the organization. All because of one person’s example.

Image: Personal

Management is a difficult place at times. The challenges, personalities, and pressures can be demanding. Yet, one trained for such a role understands that conflicts arise. There are skills to learn and perfect. Sometimes, those in higher positions can seem hard hearted and brutal in order to rise to the top. Rarely do some see another side to management. Many who advance also possess characteristics of leadership, compassion, and tough love so those under their authority can reach their potential. These, too, are skills to learn and perfect. Experiences of life can shape perspectives. Examples of others can change perspectives.

Our Connections Challenge: How is your life example positively impacting another’s perspective? Whose example is positively impacting you for excellence? Consider approaching them about being a mentor, and learn how they have excelled.

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