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Connecting Bridges to Excellence

Happy birthday, Connections2Excellence! It has been one year since the birth of this blog. I have been amazed at the activity and comments—Thank you so very much. This week we begin a mini-series on connecting bridges to excellence. On Faith Connection Friday, we extend this concept as we connect to our faith. What comes to… Continue reading Connecting Bridges to Excellence

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Unifying Tastes

Tastes. In food. In clothing. In style. In music. In hobbies. In activities. My husband and I have very different preferences when it comes to tastes. He's a meat and potatoes guy; I will eat just about anything. He's crazy and laid back; I'm reserved and worrisome. He prefers TV over quiet; I prefer quiet… Continue reading Unifying Tastes

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Unusual Strength

When we think of strength, we may naturally connect to the physical realm. The amount of weight one can lift. Competitors who give their all straight to the finish line. Those who work hard to build their bodies so they can win and be their best. We may also connect strength to our mind, will,… Continue reading Unusual Strength

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Remembering the Restorer

Welcome to Faith Connection Friday! We connect the pursuit of excellence to a life of faith. We have several antique pieces my husband's grandfather made from old church pews. These handcrafted, precious treasures were thoughtfully redesigned for another purpose. As we take time to remember, we recognize these priceless pieces require periodic cleaning and restoring… Continue reading Remembering the Restorer

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Bravely Bold Speech (Part 2: “O”)

A few blogs ago, I talked about being bravely bold.  Loving bold coffee, incorporating the be-attitudes, and living bravely bold.  At that time, I mentioned we would return to complete the thought.  What does it look like to be bold?  We can be bold in our motives, our beliefs, and our passions. The acrostic B-O-L-D… Continue reading Bravely Bold Speech (Part 2: “O”)