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Unusual Strength

When we think of strength, we may naturally connect to the physical realm. The amount of weight one can lift. Competitors who give their all straight to the finish line. Those who work hard to build their bodies so they can win and be their best.

We may also connect strength to our mind, will, or emotion. There are many philosophies and practices surrounding how to strengthen these areas. Our thoughts. Our determination. Our discipline.

The main focus of strength for this writing is exploring one many may not consider a strength–meekness. Meekness has been considered by some as a form of weakness. However, it is actually a strength. It has been described as strength under control.

What are examples of meekness? Some that come to mind include humility, gentleness, and patience. These are not popular characteristics to possess, according to many. Why?

One who is meek may not retaliate when confronted–they stay quiet. One who is meek may not respond with anger–they respond with love. One who is meek exercises strength under control. They exercise grace and wisdom with humility, gentleness, and patience. They live a life of selflessness and purpose.

Meekness is an attribute that is not natural. It requires continued practice. It requires disciplined training. It requires determined focus. Those who are meek have a goal in mind, and they give their all to reach.

Over time, they display a life of joy and peace. They display wisdom in their decisions and actions. They are fulfilling their purpose.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: Take a moment to notice those around you. Do they display meekness? Are there areas in which you could exercise meekness? If possible, ask those you notice how they live a life of meekness and why.

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